27 October 2009


the time i burnt the rice to the pan-
just that's poetry.

worth more than the thousands
of lame mumblings
and misplaced commas.
a poem of the enigmatic yet palatable
mechanisms of
every day life.
a poem no one appreciates
without eroticism
or brash excitement.
just sorting laundry
and the metamorphosis into
clean lime cloth
folded and wrinkle free.
that's the only poem i'll ever truly know.
and while i sometimes strive for those
three legged mutts with their
sputtering symphonic twilight-hour
(well into midnight) rhythms,
the only poem for me
is one that walks upright,
exhales quietly,
flips through the pages of a book
and calls it a night.

21 October 2009

paper light cover

Made from paper, glue, water, wire.

flower cards next to a painted wall

Made out of a paper bag, water color, thread, beads, & fabric scraps

26 June 2009

Father's Day Painting for my dad

Dan with new lens

Pre cooked Pizza

Just a photo I took of pizza Dan & I made. This is before being cooked.

Chicken with Crosses

I drew this after Tracy and I drove from New York to Nashville and back in one weekend. This started a series of chicken drawings.

New York Chicken

Perhaps Washington Heights Chicken.

Chicken in Alaska

Chicken on the Subway

Chicken in Sheep Meadow

I drew this in Sheep Meadow, Central Park.

Chicken Grocery Shopping

Chicken Graduates

Drew this during my cousin's graduation from Brandeis in May.

Friend Rubbing

Rubbed with a beeswax crayon in Riverside park around 81st street.

Working Bear

This is just a sketch I drew for Dan as a joke about the phrase 'Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'?'

Birthday card for my Dad

Clementine Shelf

Made out of clementine boxes and wood glue.

Paper lantern

This is actually what Lancelot looks like

Spray paint.

04 May 2009

card for koty

spray paint & thread

19 April 2009

Greek food for Easter



Satya Patch

Sorry for the terrible camera phone picture. I made this for the boy I babysit. He looked at it and said "S-A-T-Y-A!"

23 March 2009

VIDEO: Ball Goes Exploring

a stop motion film dan and i made on sunday

20 March 2009

jen lee's birthday card

thread, tissue paper, spray paint
This was my first attempt at actually doing something with a stencil. It didn't work out exactly how I planned- will see how the next few attempts go.

obama change jar

Okay- not the best portrait, but it'll do.