31 March 2012

The Puffin Poem for Cole

When I was a little girl my mom used to dazzle me with her telling of what my sisters and I fondly and simply referred to as 'The Puffin Poem'. A few weeks ago I had a lot of fun in the car with my two-year-old nephew, Cole, reciting the poem and watching his reaction. The best parts were when he would insert his two-year-old wisdom into the poem. For example, responding to the line '...and felt very lonely, and felt very small' he just shrugged and the stated, 'I'm really small!', and after the poem finished for the first time he sagaciously asserted 'It was sad, but it had a happy ending.' By the end of my weekend with him I'm pretty sure he mostly had the poem memorized, but I decided that when I got home I would make a simple little book for him, so here it is. I've had the same images in my mind for this poem since I was a child, and these simple little drawings don't quite capture what I see in my mind, but they're a pretty general interpretation. 

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